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Finger Twists Hair Style

Beauty Centre

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dreamypisces finger twistsFor finger twists or coils your hair needs to be about a half an inch long. You can use a comb or your fingers for this method. A comb will produce neater, well defined parts whereas your fingers will give your hair a fuller, more natural look.

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naaniFam Speaks
honeygirl39's picture

How can I maintain my natural hair while excercising 4 to 5 days per week? Does anyone have any suggestions?

naaniFam Speaks
admin's picture

lord give me strength

it depends.  how is your hair styled?  if you're wearing comb-coils, that's one thing.  if you're wearing braids, that's another.

naaniFam Speaks
Anonymous's picture

can i finger coil my permed hair... to get dreadlocks

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